Vegan Gelato


To study this basis, we focused on the identification of fibres with marked emulsifying properties and selected fibres that were subsequently enriched with a part of sugars, so that we could also create flavours with fats, but totally vegetable and without using milk derivatives. We obtained excellent results regarding texture, creaminess and fullness of flavour, as well as heat to the palate, with low doses. This base can be used with water (we always use it to enhance flavour), but also with milk and vegetable drinks.

LESSenza can be used in various combinations with excellent results in terms of sugar reduction.

Lactose-free, vegan-friendly.


Pre-weighed solution, custom tailored to develop a vegan flavours containing no products of animal origin, featuring fatty matrices and to add creaminess, texture and warmth to the palate. Suitable both for water based, milk based and vegetable fats (cocoa butter, sunflower oil, etc) based tastes.