Nucleo Pasticceria is a Nucleus for pastry use with which we aim to replace and eliminate current emulsifiers such as E471 and E472, while also guaranteeing an improvement in Pastry and Bakery products’ quality (including vegan products).

The ingredients of this nucleus, like the blend of Baobab pulp, Maranta starch and other natural extracts that counter oxidation make it a product with highly enhanced organoleptic properties, strong, well-defined tastes, a product that gives a softer, more fragrant structure to any dough or mixture. The most distinguishing trait of the Nucleo Pasticceria is that it boosts preservability of leavened dough and thus increases shelf life and simplifies storage and preservation modalities.

Our tests and experiments have demonstrated that this nucleus can, for example, increase shelf life and preservability of biscuits by a week or more without making them lose their overall fresh and fragrant appearance, taste and feel. Further tests on the Nucleo Alma Essenza Pasticceria have shown amazing result especially on the making of sponge cake, shortcrust pastry and focaccia bread; for example sponge cake after one week in the fridge without a cellophane film still was incredibly soft.

Another example: in our researches we have also focussed on croissants: Nucleo improves their crunchiness and taste, greatly enhancing and defining it.

In addition to that our croissant researches have also demonstrated the Nucleo’s ability to increase preservability of both the dough (even blast-chilled dough) and the croissants without any type of decay. As regards processing times and economy (savings) we can confirm that thanks to the amazing preservability of all Nucleo-made products it makes it possible to prepare large amounts of dough thus saving time. In addition to that this nucleus allows users to handle different baking times on different products at the same time without ill effects on the final result: we think this is the truly relevant innovation. Lastly, the Nucleo’s ability to absorb humidity greatly reduces processing times thus saving time and reducing costs of dough making.


Vegetable fibre compound, designed to stabilize cream structures (even vegetable ones), but also chantilly custard cream, or cream flavours containing mascarpone or ricotta – thanks to its ability to keep air and water bound together, thus providing a solid and well emulsified texture.

Special thanks to Nicolò Vellino – Gelateria Dolci Sfizi, Macomer (NU).


We have designed a ready-made mix for hot chocolate, thickened with our vegetable fibres mix: you only need to add dark chocolate and water or milk. This mix, in addition to the fibres also contains our Venezuelan cocoa powder 10/12, and a mixture of sugars.

The hot chocolate, called Xocoatl by the Mayan populations is at its best when made with Amazonas 85% dark chocolate.

Special thanks to Nicolò Vellino – Gelateria Dolci Sfizi, Macomer (NU).