Cocoa & Chocolate

We have selected a range of chocolates, coming from Venezuela but also from Ecuador, Peru, Jamaica, Madagascar and African mainland countries.

Our Venezuelan chocolate is obtained by processing different varieties of Trinitarian (Criollo/Forastero hybrid) cocoa: “Carenero Superior, Sur del Lago and Rìo Caribe”; thus combining the best qualities, on the one hand, the Criollo’s fruity, exotic and spicy taste nuances; on the other, the robust taste of the “Forastero”.

As part of our chocolate range we have also developed an emulsifier-free line: it is about 85% Amazonas Venezuelan chocolate, which is fully lecithin free.


100% pure Venezuela cocoa mass. The liquor (or cocoa paste) is obtained by grinding the cocoa seeds, after

being separated from its shell, heat-treated (toasted).


Venezuela Dark Chocolate 74%. With a strong aroma and deep flavour layer, from honey to fresh tropical fruits and nuts.


Milk Chocolate with Whipped Cream 38%. Very delicate chocolate with a smooth but full taste, with the addition of whipped cream.


Cocoa Powder. Obtained from the mechanical pressing of the liquor (or cocoa mass), subsequently subjected to a grinding process.


White Chocolate. Bizia’a is a creamy chocolate with about 50% of Cocoa Butter. It gives off Natural Vanilla and Fresh Milk aroms.


Venezuela Dark Chocolate 85%. Lecithin free.


Venezuela Dark Chocolate 61%. Ideal for creating “stracciatella” flavour.