Pastes & variegates


Our range of pastes, suitable for gelato, ice cream and pastry making, combine excellent raw materials, no flavourings or colour additives.

Our range includes both pure pastes (Hazelnut, Pistachio, Almond, Peanut, etc) and pastes with an additional processing that features our vegetable fibres blends, such as Salted Caramel and Coffee.

Our range includes also some of the most renowned Italian products, such as Almonds, Sicilian Pistachio, PGI Piedmont Hazelnut, Sorrento Walnuts and also coconut paste.


The fibres mix is also used in the creation of cream flavour (non-fruit) based variegates. We offer 100% clean label solutions featuring excellent raw materials and without flavourings, colour additives or preservatives; we developed a line with unusual and “gourmand-like” combinations, based on cocoa beans, and also variegates with dried fruits, caramel, coffee, zabajone and crunchy gianduja.

We update and tweak our range constantly, contact us to know which products are available.


The Essenza variegates contain only organic-grown fruits grown in farms that are part of a cooperative company in the Emilian Apennine, and are used not just for gelato making but also in some pastry and confectionery applications (for example, semifreddo filling).

This guarantees better product quality and a tighter control over the production chain (so-called short production chain) making local-grown fruit the true protagonist of our variegates.

The taste of fruit is exalted and enhanced by the other genuine, simple ingredients of these products: sugar, fruit, a fibres blend and lemon juice to further reinforce the flavour. Essenza’s choice is an Ethical one: no colour additives, preservatives, flavours and no thickeners or pectin, because we want to give you the true idea and taste of Fruit in a Jar.

We update and tweak our variegates ranges constantly, both because we are always on the lookout for tasty, delicious matches (for example: Figs with Cacao and Cinnamon, or even Apple with Ginger), and because we always use seasonal fruits and ingredients.