Technical products


‘Improver’, designed as a support in the formulation, ready to be used in different dosage – considering the final result you would like to obtain; perfect for both creamy flavours and sorbet ones; it enhances the volume of the icecream, improving the structure and the texture – most of all if used with our vegetable fibers mix and bases.

Mainly suggested to be used in the sorbet creation, it brings solids without giving sweetness; available in various dosage.


Essenziale is a very particular mix of fibres with low molecular weight and very high solubility that makes it optimal whenever you need to make a product with higher fibres content. It further increases creaminess and texture, warming up the product and increasing air intake. One of its most peculiar uses is as a partial replacement for sugars and milk powder in some specific processes; its neutral aroma and taste is another of its key features; another one is that it is usable in both hot and cold processes.


A long chain fibre, completely soluble, Inulin’s core feature is its ability to stabilise water, giving the product a full, thick and robust taste, like the taste of products containing fats.

Emulsifying power is particularly high when used with animal origin fats, it stabilises the product’s texture and its preservability.


Designed to make fruit variegates that do not crystallise and remain quite fluid when used on gelato, avoiding the unpleasant “opaque” effect; thanks to this it can fully replace pectins and agar-agar to obtain a fully clean label product. In addition to that, it is also used in the processing of poached fruit, coulis, sweet sauces such as zabaglione or creams with a fat inside, thanks to its emulsifying capabilities. It is also a whipping agent, therefore useful to make mousses; it can replace starches in gluten-free products.