Who Essenza Gelato is?

Essenza S.r.l. is a family business with strong roots in Modena: established in 2015 when Antonio Iazzetta decided to invest his wealth of 30 years of experience as a Gelato Technician in a new venture, with the support of his son Gian Luca who had been working on this project for long.

Essenza developed a 100% vegetal nucleus for ice cream, made by proteins and fibres, coming from natural elements, often the result of reuse coming from other manufacturing processes. The result is a brand-new and really innovative product that has great healthy benefits and nutritional values. Essenza mix is completely clean label: there are no additives or emulsifiers (not even natural additives) and is completely E-free.

Our idea of Gelato Clean Label is this: it needs to be composed only by noble raw ingredients, with a great taste and with the support of innovative ingredients that give structure and texture.

Our Goals

Our company mission is based on continue research & development of innovative and high-performing raw materials and ingredients featuring both a high technological value and a fully natural processing.

Our products can be used in the Ice Cream/Gelato making, Pastry and Bakery sectors, to create finished products that respect and follow the “gelato artigianale” tradition without neglecting technological innovations in the natural, clean label and free-from ice cream sectors.

Our research focuses every day more on using sustainable raw materials, matching natural elements with sustainability.

Moreover, one of our main focus is sugar reduction into gelato, through innovative fibres systems.

The Ingredients we use

Our research focuses on plant fibres coming predominantly from polysaccharides, in particular are fibres that: can emulsify and – at the same time – stabilise emulsions containing both vegetable and animal fats; can, even in small amounts, bind large amounts of water; have gelling and thickening properties, i.e. they can form irreversible gels; allow us to fully replace traditional hydrocolloids and emulsifiers, thus working with a 100% clean label; give the product a good texture and improve it; can increase and improve the product’s shelf-life; that could decrease or delay crystallization long-term; that could reduce total sugars into ice cream; that could replace fats; that are completely allergens free.

We have researched a series of vegetable proteins (that have also the additional property of incorporating air) with the aim of eliminating any product of animal origin.

Each of these elements can be activated and used both hot and cold.